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Jerry Melton has been kind enough to share some of his fantastic period sports car racing photos with the world via He attended SCCA races in Green Valley Texas, was at the 1967 Canadian Grand Prix and Mosport and many others. Great thanks go out to Jerry for sharing these with us. Here's is a short bio on  Jerry.

"I have been a strictly amateur racing photographer from my first days of college in 1962.  After hanging on the spectator fence at Green Valley Raceway in Texas taking photos without a telephoto for a couple of years, I became a corner worker until my move to Detroit Michigan (just in time to be welcomed by the riots that started the mass exodus from the city).  Upon joining the Detroit Region SCCA I was immediately pressed into service as their photographer, thus gaining passes to the races for a number of years until the birth of my son and a second job restricted my weekend commitments.   I continue to be a regular visitor to nearby Waterford Hills Raceway, where one needs no pass to be close to the action.

While in college, I was also a cartoonist for Sports Car Graphic Magazine until Jerry Titus became editor and eliminated ALL cartoons.  Until then the publication had been more of a club racing friendly mag, but Titus wanted to compete with Car & Driver and Road & Track.  So, where's SCG now?

I've been a Public School Art teacher for over 45 years and have long been teaching an added enrichment class in Sports Car Design to 10-14 year olds, where kids create shelf model concept cars from a 2x4 center with 1x3 fenders.  It keeps the job interesting."


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