Jerry Melton shot these amazing photos at the 1969 Michigan Can Am Race and is sharing most of them for the first time via etceterini.comęCopyright 2012 Jerry Melton. 

 Thanks Jerry!


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Pace Lap

Stirling Moss

Stirling Moss And Jo Siffert

Jo Siffert

Porsche 917 Jo Siffert Porsche Of Austria 

Dan Gurney

McLaren Offers Gurney Third Team Car


Bruce McLaren

McLaren Pits

McLaren Bruce McLaren

Dennis Hulme


Denny Leads The Boss

Pit Road

Andrea DeAdamich Mclaren Team Chaparral

Pit Lane

On Banking

Chaparral Team Pit Jim Hall

Richie Ginther

McLaren Mk 1C William Wonder

Porsche 908 Tony Dean Pace Lap

Chuck Parsons

Chuck Parsons Lola T-163

Pit Lane

McLaren Mk 12 Lothar Motschenbacher

Jack Brabham Testing In Third Team McLaren

Ford G7A Brabham

Ferrari 612 Chris Amon DNS

Ferrari Pits

McLaren MK 1C Kris Harrison 

Lola T 163 Gary Wilson 

Lola T 70 Bob Nagel 

McLaren 6B Richard Galloway 

McLaren 6B Dick Brown 

Lola T 163 Peter Revson 

Lola T 70 George Drolsom 

McLaren M1C Clif Apel 

McLaren M1C Frank Kahlich 

Lola T 160 Brooke Doran 

McLaren M6B Dave Causey 

McLaren M6B Roger McCaig 

Lola T 162  Bob Dini 

McLaren M1C Leonard Janke 

McLaren M1B Anon 

Lola Ron Goldleaf

McLaren M 12 George Eaton

David Hobbs


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