Jerry Melton shot these amazing photos at the 1969 Central Division SCCA Nationals at Michigan International Speedway and is sharing them with the world for the first time via etceterini.comęCopyright 2012 Jerry Melton. 

 Thanks Jerry!


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1 Minute Warning

Owens Corning Team Corvettes

Jerry Thompson


DSR Bobsy Al Beasley

DSR Bobsy Marv Thompson

DSR Brant Spl D R Brant

DSR Elva John Weatherbee

DSR MF Special Bob Clift Twin Kawasakis


FB  Merlyn Kenneth Nielsen

FB Brabham Matthew Spitzley

Ferrari P2 Drogo William Cooper

Formula Ford Lotus 51 Bill Hallandale

Formula Ford Lotus Bob Brown

Formula Ford Lotus 61 Gary Weber

Formula Ford Caldwell Jim Stevens

First Class Seating

Formula A Lola

Formula A McKee Curt Reinhold

G And HP False Grid

Grid Position Notices

Lola T 70

McLaren And Lola

McLaren Mk VI Dean Causey

Porsche 906 DR M Rosen

Porsche 906 Mike Rahal

Race Official



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