Jerry Melton shot these amazing photos at the 1967 Green Valley Texas Trans Am Race and is sharing them for the first time via etceterini.comęCopyright 2012 Jerry Melton. 

 Thanks Jerry!


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Le Mans Start

First Lap Dykes, Gurney and Jones

Alfa Romeo GTA Horst Kweck

Alfa Romeo GTA Jim Baker

Alfa Romeo GTA Monty Winkler

Alfa Romeo GTA Taylor and Pratt

Alfa Romeo GTA Hal Mayfield

Chevy Camaro Charlie Kolb and Fred Baker

Chevy Camaro Craig Fisher

Chevy Camaro Mark Donohue

Chevy Camaro Vic Campbell

Dan Gurney

Dan Gurney and Parnelli Jones

Dodge Dart Bob Tullius

Ford Cortina Allan Moffat

Ford Cortina Charles Barnes and Lynn Kysar


Ford Cortina David Dooley

Ford Cortina Joe Starkey

Ford Cortina Tony Adamowicz

Ford Mustang Bob Grossman

Ford Mustang Dale Wood

Ford Mustang Dick Thompson

Ford Mustang Freddy Van Buren

Ford Mustang Jerry Titus

Jerry Titus

Ford Mustang John McComb

Ford Mustang Milt Minter

Ford Mustang Ron Dykes

Mark Donohue

Mercury Cougar Dan Gurney

Mercury Cougar Parnelli Jones

Porsche 911 Bill Steele

Porsche 911 Fred Baker Leads Pauly Bownan


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