Jerry Melton shot these amazing photos at the 1975 Mosport Camel GT Challenge race and is sharing them with the world for the first time via etceterini.comęCopyright 2012 Jerry Melton. 

 Thanks Jerry!


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Pace Lap

Lap 1

Lap 1

Lap 2

Alfa Romeo GTA-M Franco Marino

BMW 2002 Werner Gudzus

BMW CSL Brian Redman

Charlie Kemp After Crash

Chevy Camaro Carl Schafer

Chevy Camaro Mo Carter

Chevy Camaro Craig Carter

Chevy Corvette C2 Darrell Carter

Chevy Corvette C3 Richard Ortman

Chevy Monza AA Warren Agor

Datsun Z Bob Speakman

Datsun Z Brad Frisselle

Mazda RX3 Ray Walle

Peter Gregg

Porsche 911 Causey Parish

Porsche 911 S Brian Hardacre

Porsche 914-6 Ron Coupland

Porsche Carrera Al Holbert

Porsche Carrera Bob Hagestad

Porsche Carrera Charlie Kemp

Porsche Carrera George Dyer

Porsche Carrera Hurley Haywood

Porsche Carrera Ludwig Heimrath

Porsche Carrera Peter Gregg

Porsche Carrera Fritz Hochreuter

Porsche Carrera Marcel Talbot



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