Jerry Melton shot these amazing photos at the 1967 Mid Ohio and 1968 Watkins Glen USRRC races and is sharing them via etceterini.comęCopyright 2011 Jerry Melton. 

 Thanks Jerry!


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Two Litre 125 Pace Lap Elva Porsche Mike Rahal

Pace Lap Posy, Hansen, Hayes, Parsons and Donohue

Pace Lap Mid Pack

Brett Lunger Leads Sam Posey

Buzetta Leads Dietrich

Caldwell Brett Lunger

Caldwell DFB

Chinook MK 5 Chaparral 2F Body

Chuck Parsons Leads Charlie Hayes

Chuck Parsons Leads Don Morin

Chuck Parsons

Cooper Ford Art Seyler

Elva MK VI Doug Shierson

Elva MK VII Go Kugul

Elva MK VII Chuck Dietrich

Joe Buzzeta

John Cannon

Lola T-70 George Ralph

Lola 7-70 Mike Goth

Lola T-70 Mark Donohue

Lola T-70 Brian O'Neil

Lola T-70 Skip Scott


Lothar Mottschenbacher

Lothar Mottschenbacher

Lotus 23B James Place

Lotus 23B

McKee Bob Nagel

McKee Olds Charlie Hayes

McLaren MK II Bud Moreley

McLaren Mk 6 with Roger Penske Mark Donohue Driver

Mark Donohue

McLaren MK II Sam Posey

McLaren Mk II Anon

McLaren MK II Don Morin

McLaren MK II Gene Hobbs

McLaren MK II Ron Courtney

McLaren MK II Skip Barber

McLaren MK II 

McLaren Mk III Chuck Parsons

McLaren Mk III Chuck Parsons

McLaren MK III Jerry Hansen

McLaren Ron Courtney

McLaren Special

Merlyn Tony Wood

Moodini Dave Moothhart

Porsche 906 Joe Buzetta

Porsche 906 CL Phillips

Porsche 906 Mak Krohn

Sam Posey

Sam Posey

Sam Posey



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