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Name: Cliff Reuter

Favorite Beatle: George

Favorite sport: Tennis

Favorite tennis player: Pete Sampras

Favorite pastime: Old European Racing Cars

Favorite composer: Vivaldi

Favorite author: Alexandre Dumas

Dream car: 1957 Ferrari 500 TRC

Favorite food: Imo's Pizza


I hail from St. Louis Missouri, my "mum" is from Liverpool England home of the Beatles.  My father, Jack Reuter, is from St. Louis.  I played a lot of tennis growing up and shared my dad's love of European racing cars.  Over the years we owned many of the most important European racing cars of the 1950's and early 1960's.  In 1991 I graduated from St. Louis University with a degree in Communications and Journalism.  Shortly thereafter I stumbled upon the Internet. 

My interest in European racing cars and my main web site, etceterini.com, are a direct result of my father's (Jack Reuter) love of 1950's Italian racing cars.  He first encountered them in the early 1950's while competing in SCCA races.  He was amazed at the beauty and sound of the cars that were passing him (and his Austin Healy) and vowed to someday own some of them.  His dream came true in 1965 when he purchased his first Ferrari, Dino Ferrari's 1953 prototype 166 Mille Miglia, for $1,000.  But, while stationed at Fort Sam Huston in Texas in the 1950's and attending a race, he saw two small Italian racing cars called Bandini.  It was love at first site!  He spent the next 30 years or so trying to find one to buy and finally succeeded in the early 1980's when he acquired the only remaining Bandini Siluro with a series two DOHC engine, 1955 Bandini Siluro 750cc DOHC #358.  A few years later he sold his 1957 Ferrari 500 TRC and 1954 Maserati A6GCS but kept his prized Bandini.  This web site is tribute to Jack Reuter's obsession with etceterinis and Bandini in particular. The majority of the photos and scans are from his extensive collection and my recent collecting. I would like to give credit to the 1950's magazines I have scanned: Road and Track, SCCA Sports Car Magazine, Car Life Magazine, Sports Cars Illustrated, Speed Age, Trend Books, and Motorsport Magazine.  I would also like to thank friends who have contributed pictures and information or helped to promote this web site: Michele Orsi Bandini (Bandini), Alex Vazeos (Bandini, Giaur, Abarth, and Moretti), Pete Vack (Veloce Today.com), Mary Kuly (Bandini, Giaur, and ERM), Jim Jenne (Stanguellini), Casey Annis (Vintage Racecar Journal), Mark Brinker (Giaur), Raffi Minasian (Giaur), Alberto Taraschi (Giaur), Marty Stein (Siata), Michael Ashley Brown (Volpini), Joel Stein (Moretti), Marc Richelsoph (Bandini), Dick Irish (Bandini and Siata), Bill Giltzow (Taraschi, Bandini, Nardi, and Moretti), Steven Silverstein (SCCA race results), and Tom Clayton (SportsRacer.net).  And most importantly, I thank my wife Tracy and my son Preston for putting up with my late nights and time/hours spent on this web site.  Cheers all!

Cliff Reuter 

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